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Posted 1 year ago

I figured I’d share this one with everyone because I was happy with how it turned out. This is the kind of thing you can expect a lot of in the next Cartoon Collection :)

The updated list is HERE. Amy and Iain IV is on its way, thank you for your patience!

Posted 1 year ago


Well my dear friend Lacy Sissy clued me into another site that was sharing a bunch of my comics without my permission.

Do people not fucking GET IT!?!? I don’t do this for shits and giggles! For the people who are still in the dark, let me break it down for you, I rely very dearly on every single comic I sell. I’m not getting rich from this business but it has become a VERY IMPORTANT PART OF MY INCOME because of this shitty economy. The more comics that are stolen or leaked, the less motivation I have to draw any more. I want to draw comics. For some reason, I like it. I am stoked and amazed that enough people like them enough to actually pay for them. I am learning more and more every day that 99% of my audience doesn’t give a flying shit about me as a human being. If they can steal from me, they will in a heartbeat. If they can fuck me to get off, they will. They want free shit and they don’t want to support me for making it. The phenomenal failure of both my Kickstarter and the Groinkickstarter proved to me that an incredibly tiny percentage of the people that consume my art were willing in any capacity to actually help me take it to the next step. Let me put it into perspective; If every person that regularly visited my blog donated even a single dollar to my Kickstarter, I would have funded it THREE TIMES OVER. How many people did? Only about six. That’s not only pathetic, it’s offensive. It hurt my feelings terribly to learn that the people who visit my site daily wouldn’t piss on me if I were on fire. This does not apply to the 1% of people whom I love and cherish as true friends who have fought for me and continue to support me every day I do this bullshit.

Guess what, if I keep getting stolen from, then I don’t get to do this anymore. I drop it altogether and work full time at my other jobs. Yeah, I have two jobs on top of ballbusting comics guys. Like I said, I’m not fucking rolling in it. It’s this simple, if you like BBToons and Ballbustingcartoons, help me stop thieves from sharing my work. You don’t even have to like me as a person.

If you like free cartoons on this blog and cheap comics in my store, then you’ll help me. If you don’t want me to draw anymore, by all means download the comics that have been stolen and get your rocks off. It’ll be the end of this whole thing, I promise.

FUCK! I hate this shit.

Posted 1 year ago

I got some very nice comments on that last picture, so here’s one I did of me and The Millionaire’s Daughter.

And to clarify to everyone that might be confused: You have until November 1st to donate over $10 to the Groinkickstarter. After that point nobody else will be able to get a copy of the new Amy and Iain. It will only go to the folks that donated $10 or more. The comic isn’t done yet, but when it is I will e-mail it to the folks that donated, and nobody else will ever see it. It will never be sold seperately at any time or in any bundle.

To donate, you have to fill out the Verotel page that comes up when you pledge. When your payment clears, I will add your name to the list of pledges.

Thanks again y’all!

Posted 1 year ago

Don’t forget friends, this is your last chance to donate to the GroinKickStarter! Only people that pledge $10.00 or more will get a copy of the new Amy and Iain comic; Amy and Iain’s Therapy!

So, with that said, here’s a quick promo piece of me and Amy I drew for use if I ever decide to go to Fetish conventions and sell comics.


Posted 1 year ago

I think I’ll call this series: "Outfits I would like to be busted in."
Hey y’all, only a little while left to pledge to the Groinkickstarter!

NOTE: If you want to pledge and have it count, you have to complete the Verotel form or I can’t add your money to the pledge bar and I can’t add your request to the list of incentives.


Posted 1 year ago

Scene #3 for Mallory!

Donate to the Groinkickstarter! October is the last month!

Posted 1 year ago

Scene #2, for DV.

Pledge to the Groinkickstarter! October is the last month to do so!

Posted 1 year ago

Scene #1, for me.

Pledge to the Groinkickstarter! October is the last month to do so!

Posted 1 year ago

New Ballbusting Comic!

Hey everyone! Thank you for your patience, I got a gig for a swanky NY client and it took up a lot of my time, but I am BACK and ready for action! There’s a NEW COMIC! Available as always at the Ballbusting Store! Here’s a quick taste:

Also don’t forget that I’m still collecting funds to make the World’s First Ballbusting Cartoon Series!

Pledge HERE!

I have to finish an iPhone application for work, but when that’s done I will begin work on everyone’s incentives for the GroinKickStarter! I will be posting a list of names in order of pledges so everyone knows who is next in line (thanks for the tip Lacy!)

Until then, thank you all so much for your continued support! Cheers!


Posted 1 year ago

My dear friend Lacy Sissy reminded me that the Tumblr link on the right of the posterous blog is incorrect. I have been unable to fix the problem because for whatever reason I appear to have no control over that link either from my HTML template or my profile editor. I can’t find the URL in any code or in any dialog box to fix it. If anyone knows how the hell to change that link on Posterous, PLEASE help me!

Anyway, I’m swamped earning a living right now but here’s another quickly colored frame of the Happy Endings storyboard to whet your collective appetites.

Posted 1 year ago

To my Tumblr Followers :)

Do you live anywhere near Milwaukee? Do you want to get your balls kicked by pretty girls? Do you want to kick balls with a gaggle of pretty girls? Contact me through Tumblr or e-mail me at knavebb at hotmail!


Posted 1 year ago

Testicle Rupture

WestSideBoyz asked for:

"Dude you gotta do a cartoon of a guy getting his nut stuck by some fine gurl! Make it brutal or at least kinda graphic. We all love a good rupture!"

Here ya go!


Don’t forget y’all, pledge to the Groinkickstarter and we’ll see the world’s first Ballbusting Animated Series! There are six levels of great incentives, so go ahead and pledge today!

Posted 1 year ago


Okay, Amazon got back to me and thankfully the funds will be unforzen by August 29th, so thank you very much to everyone that donated through them.

Now, the only remaining way to donate to the Groinkickstarter is via the Verotel form.

To everyone that has ever asked why I don’t use Paypal, THIS IS WHY. I was in breach of Amazon’s anti-aduly policy (which I didn’t think I was) and I got shut down and risked a lot more than just that.

This is why I will never ever use Paypal, or Google checkout, or Amazon Payments.

Anyway, look for another update here soon. And pledge to the Groinkickstarter!

Posted 1 year ago


I didn’t read Amazon’s Terms of Service closely enough and I breached them by adding those buttons to the Groinkickstarter! As is their right, they have frozen the assets I got from you generous guys that donated through them.

Can you all do me a favor and check your bank accounts to see if the funds have been refunded to you? If your money isn’t going to go towards this project, I at least want to make sure you get it back.

I am very sorry for the headache everyone, that’s what I get for being rash and coding too quickly without doing my homework. My deepest regrets and apologies if this complicates things.

In the mean time while I either get you all refunds or try to unfreeze the assets, Comment at the Posterous blog, or the Tumblr blog to let me know which cartoon you want to see! Either:

Knave’s Lousy Day


Happy Endings

Thank you all again! I’ll kep you updated!

Posted 1 year ago

The Knave Show #2

Hi y’all! So you guys are curious about what the show will be like? Well the first episode will be one of two things: Either it will be called Knave’s Lousy Day and will star Knave and his cruel room-mate. Or it will be called Happy Endings and star these three pictured people.


Knave’s Lousy Day opens with Knave coming home from work only to find his room mate Monique wants to bust his balls until she’s satisfied. It’s basically my dream come true ;)

Happy Endings Finds Roger (above tied up) being interrogated and tortured by the two girls he was simultaneously dating behind their backs. It doesn’t end too well for him but the girls get their revenge.

If you want either to be made, PLEDGE HERE!

And also, now I have three Amazon Pay Buttons at the bottom of the page that you can use, so go ahead and Pledge y’all!

P.S to everyone that’s pledged already, thank you very much! I’ll be updating the slider soon :)