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Posted 3 days ago

Subscription Site Update!

Hello all! First off, thank you SO MUCH to y’all who have already subscribed to the site. You have a lot of great content to look forward to :)

Second, thank you to those who have given me feedback already. I’ve gone ahead and instituted some changes, right off the bat.

I didn’t even realize that the subscriptions I offered were auto-renewing, so I changed them to an optional renew when the subscription expires.

I’ll be uploading higher resolution versions of all the art along with the standard image sizes so you guys can see the cartoons in greater detail. I’ll probably have the low-res images themselves be links to the hi-res versions, so keep your eyes out for that coming up next week.

I have updates planned for Nuthouse, the beginning of a new, members-only Tease and Denial comic and the first contest for a personalized blog illustration. I’m also considering a “choose your own adventure” comic where you members get to decide what happens next by winning contests.

Please feel free to send me any feedback you have, either via e-mail or just by commenting directly on the site itself. I want this site to be awesome and I want everyone to feel like they’re getting their money’s worth.

Thanks again to everyone who’s supporting me! It means the world!



UPDATE: With this system I have to manually terminate the auto-renew for the current subscriptions. I’m sorry for this headache. Please just count it as growing pains for my first attempt at this whole thing. Please either e-mail me, or comment here if you want me to go in and make sure you don’t get rebilled after your subscription is up. I want to do this on a case by case basis in case some people don’t want me to. Again, I apologize for the screwup, it’s my fault and I hope it doesn’t sour the experience too much. However, once this has been done, every subsequent subscription will never auto-renew, so this is a one time headache.

Posted 6 days ago

Hello everyone! So the crazy projects I was working on are finally drawing to a close, which means I’ll have my LIFE BACK! And more importantly, I have time to DRAW AGAIN! Which means, that’s right, you guessed it, the subscription site is LIVE! Head on over to Ballbustingcartoons or Indestructible Nuts and click on the subscribe/login button or just go HERE. That’s right, your subscription gets you unlimited access to the cartoon subscription site AND the Indestructible Nuts Gym. There’s already new blog posts and 8 pages of a brand new comic on the premium toon site. I’ll be updating a few times a week with brand new content!

So, head on over, sign up and let me know what you think! The toon site is set up with Disqus forums, so you can leave feedback on everything and tell me what you’d like to see next! This is a big deal for me, and I am excited and nervous equally. I’m holding my breath and crossing my fingers that you all like the new content. I’m gonna hold up my end of the bargain and draw my fingers off every week.


Posted 1 month ago
hey knave i bought jamie gets her jugs, I bought the version with 12 pages first and than bought the version with 32 pages but it was still the same as 12 pages.
smokie2264 asked

Hi! From where did you purchase the 32 page comic? I don’t know where it’s listed as having 32 pages. Mail me at knavebb@hotmail

Posted 2 months ago
Hi knave, I bought many of your ballbusting comics in the past and I just would to knok if it's normal I don't find any comics news or if I'm searching wrong. Is your last work "Jamie Gets her Jugs" on ballbustingcartoons_com or there are some others ? Please let me know
orcodioladro asked

Hi! Yes, as of right now the latest comic is “Jamie Gets Her Jugs.” I’m working on a new comic but other “legitimate” projects and planning for my upcoming wedding are taking up a lot of my time. Soon there will be a brand new comic and also the new subscription site, so keep your eyes here for updates! Thanks for your support! :D


Posted 2 months ago

Hi All! There’s a new kid on the block of BB story writing, Lazar Jones. I just did a trade with him, one cover illustration for one story. He wrote me a GIGANTIC story which is up on his blog right now. His new series After School Ballbusting Babes can be found here. I got to read it to draw the cover and I can say it’s pretty damn good. 

In other news, I’m hard at work getting things ready for two big events: The grand opening of the subscription site and the re-opening of commissions. I’ll keep you all informed very soon! CHEERS!

Posted 3 months ago

HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL! I’ve decided, 2014 will see the creation and implementation of the subscription site! Stay tuned for further details, and thanks to everyone who gave feedback! CHEERS!

♥ ♥ ♥

Posted 4 months ago

So far the discussion about the possibility of a subscription site is going really well. Thanks to everyone who has participated in the Disqus talk and who e-mailed me with ideas and opinions. So far it’s looking like I’d charge anywhere from $10-$13 per month, depending on how many updates I feel I can make. I’d take fewer contracts to compensate, and hope that subscriptions made up the difference. I can’t underestimate how scary that idea is. I’d basically be putting a lot of eggs in this BB basket and if it doesn’t pan out, I’d be fucked. However, I think it’s an idea whose time has come, so I am willing to give it a shot.

To that end, the above image is an example of an ongoing series I’ve been writing since about 2005. I have a MILLION ideas for it, but haven’t actually drawn a comic about it yet since it’s tooooo big. Well, a subscription site would be the perfect place to debut it, since it could be an ongoing story that’s updated a few times a week. What do you think of the art? Are the girls sexy enough? Curious what it’s about? Let’s keep talking this through and see what we come up with!

Thanks again guys!! ♥

Posted 4 months ago

Yup, Vanessa is right, I’m being penalized for not making enough money, so suddenly my website is costing me money every week instead of making it. I’m still behind on other projects, but I’ll be done soon enough at which point I’ll have time to draw every day. So, what would you like to see if I did a subscription site? Don’t worry, this blog would still get updated.

Posted 4 months ago

I recently worked with Ballbustin’ Footlovin’ to make them a new logo. This is the BB scene from it :)

So now that November is finally over, I can get back to work on the comic! It’ll be done soon (hopefully) so keep your eyes peeled!

♥ ♥ ♥

Posted 4 months ago

It’s my birthday today!!! I’m 33! Can you believe it?!

Posted 5 months ago
Hey brother! I was just wondering if you had any plans for the cougar 3, and if you were willing to share them? I'm dying for that comic to come out man!
hdom8 asked

Oh I know exactly what’s going to happen in Cougar #3, #4 and probably #5 as well. It’s a long story, but I’m not going to spoil any of it ;) Don’t worry, if you like the Cougar, you’ll love the one I’m currently working on!

Posted 6 months ago
Hey Knave. Any news about PaySafeCard ? I want buy some comics and ts still my only way of paying :(
janembafan asked

Sadly my merchant is not accepting them at this point. Right now debit and credit cards are the only ways I can accept payment. Does anyone have any advice? Sorry, Paypal is still never going to be an option, and I’m verrrry wary of this whole Bitcoin thing. I spent a long time looking for a reputable merchant that would cover adult content like mine, I am honestly not too optimistic that better alternatives exist at this point, but I’d love to hear about them if they do.

Posted 6 months ago

Okay, test #2 for the upcoming comic style. I really like this look a lot. The inks (for those with a keen eye) are different from my usual style, as is the overall rendering of the characters. Call it “pseudo-realistic knave style” if you will. I also like the colors quite a bit. Thoughts?

Posted 6 months ago

I’m coming up with character concepts for the comic I’m working on and this sketch turned into a full drawing, so I decided to share it with you lovely folks :)

A dear friend of mine gave me my first sounding a few months ago (not with her stiletto) and I must say, it’s a fascinating feeling. Have any of you been sounded? What was your experience with it?

Posted 6 months ago
Hi Knave, I am a since long paying customer and a huge supporter to your marvelous work! I just have one thing I would like you to draw more and that is ball-rupturing-kicks, you know like in Amy and Iain. It has been a real few pictures/comics of that thing lately. It would be awesome if you took this into concideration. Your supporter, YUIOnr1.
yuionr1 asked

Thank you so much for your support sir! Hmmm, more rupturing kicks, eh? What do you think all? How many would like to see more kicks that ruin a pair of nuts? I appreciate all feedback :)